Anastasia Pahos


If music is the gift that keeps on giving, transporting the listener, performer, and composer alike into realms of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual transcendence, then composition is a journey; one that the composer continues to travel on and discover for their whole life. Bearing this in mind, emerging composer Anastasia Pahos infuses her music with Eastern European religious and musical elements and ideologies – such as additive rhythms, drones, Christian Orthodoxy, and a sense of meditative tranquillity – whilst simultaneously providing her pieces with a backdrop of Western harmonic practice. There is an element of the sacred in the majority of Pahos’ works and her music has the mysterious ability to conjure up and project epic imagery and concepts, while at the same time maintaining a beautiful and almost painful intimacy with its audience. With the additional influences of the Australian avant-garde and natural landscape, as well as composers John Tavener, Arvo Pärt, Gustav Mahler, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Ross Edwards, these are the elements, which define Pahos’ unique compositional voice.

Career highlights

  • Commissioned by Luminescence Chamber Singers in collaboration with The Melbourne Consort (2018)
  • Commissioned by The Song Company, Sydney (2016)
  • Guest conductor and commissioned by The Australian Russian Sacred Choral Society (2016)
  • Commissioned by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings Malta (2015)
  • Commissioned by Limelight Australian Composition Seminar (2015)
  • Commissioned by the Chamber Choir of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia (2015)
  • Receiver of ‘New Work’ Grant from The Australia Council for the Arts (2014)
  • Commissioned by The Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta (2014)
  • Commissioned by The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra (2013 & 2014)
  • Composer-in-residence with The Leichhardt Espresso Chorus (2013-2014)
  • Winner of the WomenSing Youth Inspiring Youth Competition (2012)


Within (2019)

For Soprano Solo, Female Chorus + String Octet, 4'40

Psalm 22 (2018)

For Chamber Choir, 5'45

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (2018)

For Alto Chorus + String Octet, 7'30

Genesis (2018)

For Solo Oboe + String Orchestra, 8'

Behold! (2016)

For Six Voices, 12'

Ektenia (2016)

For SATB, 3'

terra nullius (2015)

For Flute + Violin, 3'

for Thee, I shall search (2015)

For Piano Quintet, 5'

Song of Symeon (2015)

For SATB, 5'30

Eliksiir (2014)

For Chamber Orchestra, 3'45

Troparion (2014)

For Symphony Orchestra, 10'20

Chant (2014)

For SA Chorus, 1'45

The Sseucle (2014)

For Children’s Chorus, Violin, French Horn, Piano, 10'23

seedling (2014)

For String Quartet, 4'25

O Dawn of the mystical day (2014)

For SATB + Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Soloists, 4'45

Hymn to the Holy Archangel Michael (2013)

For SATB, 2'31

A Byzantine Carol (2013)

For Children’s Voices, SATB + Chamber Orchestra, 4’38

Metánoia (2013)

For Chamber Orchestra, 10’34

Paráklisi (2013)

For Bassoon, 2 Guitars, 2 Sopranos, 1 Baritone, 4’27

Incense (2012)

For SATB + Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Soloists, 20’04

Stasis (2012)

For Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Baroque Violin, 3’47

Encantar (2012)

For String Quartet, 5’

Antithesis (2012)

For Chamber Orchestra, 10’14

The Bizarre Experience of Robert Nance (score) (2012)

For Electroacoustic, 9’02

The Unbinding (2012)

For Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Soprano, Piano, Violin, Viola, Contrabass, 3'10

The Isle of the Bless’d (2012)

For SSAA Choir, 4’25

On the Crest of a Dream (2011)

For Symphony Orchestra, 9’45

Seeking Eurydice (2011)

For Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, 4’34

Snowflake (2011)

For Piano, 2’46

Promise (score) (2011)

For Cello, Piano, 8’37

With a Smile (film track) (2011)

For Film Orchestra, 1’18

True Love Saves the Day (film track) (2011)

For Film Orchestra, 1’02

Primo Amore Orchestration (film track) (2011)

For Orchestra, 3’50

Infinity (2011)

For Electroacoustic, 8’

Mukti (2010)

For Vocal Quartet, 5’12

Ouzo (2010)

For Chamber Orchestra, 3’03

George (2010)

For Piano Quartet, 3’32

The Girl with the Buttons (2010)

For Piano, 2’32

Parthene Mitir (2009)

For SSAA Chamber Choir, 3’18

Odyssey (2009)

For Descant Recorder, Vibraphone, String Quartet, 3’02

Paschaleino (2009)

For Flute, Clarinet, Hand Percussion, String Trio, 2’17

Song of Naida (2009)

For Soprano, Mallet Percussion, Piano, String Quartet, 2’16

TransForm (2008)

For Clarinet, Piano, Cello, 2’